CYBER ACADEMY - Internship
CYBER ACADEMY - One Day Bootcamp

Intro to Cybersecurity
for Managers

CyberdomeUSA offers a one-day hands-on bootcamp "Intro to Cybersecurity for Managers” to help you, your family, and your business stay safer online. Our interactive training teaches practical cybersecurity skills using your own devices.

You will walk away with knowledge on:

  • • Practical tips for safe internet use for you and your loved ones

  • • Insights into your personal information from the dark web and what to do

  • • All types of cyber-attacks like ransomware, phishing, and social engineering

    • • Real Life Examples

    • • How to detect and prevent them with examples and case studies

  • • Why cybersecurity matters in various industries through case studies

    • • Take away key privacy concepts to protect customers and employees

    • • Your role and responsibilities to cybersecurity culture in your company

    • • Leave equipped to champion a strategic, proactive cybersecurity

  • • A copy of a Digital Defense: A Cybersecurity Primer

  • • 1 week free access to our LMS with an additional 3 hours of content for personal study

Classes held at 1410 South Clark Blvd., Clarksville, IN